BAC becomes your Agency's PEO Department

Why use BAC rather than go direct?

There are thousands of salespeople that work directly for PEO's. In most cases they have gone through extensive PEO training, usually at a corporate training center. BAC's experienced consultants have worked directly for multiple PEO's for over a decade. Additionally, our CEO was a top 5 performer for the largest PEO in the industry for almost 10 years.

our process for partners

Our Standard Operating Procedure Isn't Standard For Others

Our process starts with a thorough needs analysis.  We know how important it is that we position your client in the best manner to the PEO's we are going to quote.  Rather than guess at what's driving their need to shop we pinpoint the issues they are unhappy with.

Before we even meet with you to discuss options, we negotiate with the PEO to eliminate hidden costs. We suggest the best PEO for their needs but also show alternatives. We ask additional questions and redo the quote and proposal if necessary to make sure all your clients issues are addressed. 

In This Case Knowledge Is King!

Because of our size, knowledge and relationships with the PEO's, you will have a much greater chance of closing your deal and earning an ongoing residual commission for the life of the client.

Are you familiar with:

  • * FICA employer Section 125 match
  • * Workers' Compensation Incentive programs
  • * FICA credit on Per Diem - (Trucking Industry)
  • * Carry Over deductible credit for health insurance
  • * Breakout billing and it's components
  • * SUTA & FUTA Caps
  • * These are just some of the added expense areas you may not be familiar with that can give you the competitive edge to help close the deal.

Don't go it alone - partner with the experts..

knowledge is king