Q: What is an Administrative Service Organization or ASO?

An Administrative Service Organization (ASO), provides payroll, employee benefits, human resource advice and workers’ compensation insurance coverage options, to businesses on an outsourced basis. While the ASO provides payroll processing and assures timely tax payments for client companies and their employees, client companies retain employer liability since the employees’ wages are still processed through the client company's Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN). The next part to think about is ... (continue reading)

Q: Why should you consider using an ASO?

There are many different reasons you might consider an ASO as an administrative solution for your company. After having an expert look at your current situation, there are a few major indicators why you might want to look at an ASO. Here are ...  (continue reading)

We are so happy we made the switch to our new ASO provider, TriCore. It’s great to save over 5 figures with only 9 employees at a doctor’s office. Their online web payroll is easier than any system I have used and I actually look forward to using it. Most importantly, next to savings, is the customer service. They get it. It’s like the old fashioned model where customers come first. It was a great move for the practice
— Patricia, Practice Administrator

An Employer's Guide To Increased Savings with a PEO

An Employer's Guide To Increased Savings with a PEO

Q: What is a Professional Employer Organization or PEO?

A PEO is a single source provider that provides employee benefits, human resource advice, payroll processing, workers’ compensation coverage  with risk management services along with compliance consultations.  The PEO’s support services are provided to small through midsize companies through the use of a co-employment relationship. The PEO processes youremployees’ paychecks through the PEO’s Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN). there is more ... (continue reading)

Q: Why Consider a PEO?

Share the risk. As co-employers, the PEO and you work together to mitigate risks that abound in every day management of your business. The PEO becomes a valuable partner as you move through the lifecycles of your business. there is more ... (continue reading)

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