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Is your Human Resources department an expense or a profit center?

Many business managers and owner's miss the bigger picture when it comes to human resources.  A progressive human resource department and policies to match can be one of the most important assets to a company.  Unfortunately many employers view their HR department and people as an expense to the company. This attitude creates a lack of motivation for the HR people and their ability to become a profit center. For example, placing the correct ad, screening the employees correctly, properly on boarding the employee, going through the job interview process correctly, creating compliant job descriptions,  handbook creation and with the right benefits package, you are going to create an environment that's going to attract and retain the best employees. It's all about the people. If you don't have the correct people in place then you are not going to have a successful company. Through various solutions we can provide you the road map to get there. Click here to connect with one of our consultants.

Do You Need An Analysis?

Whether you are with a PEO or out on the open market, you could be leaving money on the table. With the rapidly changing landscape of health care, employee benefits and workers' compensation, it really makes sense to take a close look at how much value you are getting for the money at least one time each year.

If it has been some time since your last analysis, connect with us and we'll walk you through it. 

A Successful Human Resources department Is An Ongoing Process

The best analogy of a successful vs unsuccessful human resource department is the idea of running a sprint vs a marathon. Pretty much anyone can have minimal training to run a sprint because the finish line is in sight. You may not be in the top three but you will finish. To have a successful HR department you have to look at it like a marathon. Sometimes you can't see the finish line because your company changes as it grows. As it changes, your employee structure changes. A marathon takes training and long term thinking. You have to let the short term thinking go and commit to a longer term approach.

For example, you can hire someone tomorrow to fill a role but it would make more sense to take your time to go through a hiring process to determine the best candidate for that position. Having the proper processes and procedures in place can mean the difference between wasting a lot of money on short term thinking vs retaining quality employees who help you grow your company long term. The costs to train someone alone can be detrimental to long term growth. 

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